Friday, April 25, 2014

The Rise of Many Human Diseases Linked with Glyphosate Use

An alarming pattern has been distinguished through meticulous scientific study and research.  It concerns the rise of different human diseases that matches the increasing use of Roundup, with the active ingredient responsible being glyphosate.

Epidemiological patterns studied by Dr. Don Huber of Perdue University have illustrated a perfect fit, he says, for over 30 different human diseases that demonstrate a pattern identical to the increased use of glyphosate on food crops in the US.

Other scientists and researchers have discovered the same pattern.  Information concerning the tremendous rise in autism which perfectly matches the use of glyphosate has been done by Dr. Nancy Swanson, PhD. She has meticulously collected and analyzed all of this data for people to read about. You can access her published articles and reports on Sustainable Pulse.  This European website is dedicated to exposing the health hazards of GE/GMO foods.  Check out this excellent website at:

All of these studies and research point to the bioaccumulation of the ingredient glyphosate.  Over the years, Monsanto has strongly asserted that glyphosate is not dangerous to human health because the body excretes it.  However, it becomes clear that the  epidemiological patterns of human diseases with increased use of glyphosate clearly indicate otherwise.  In other words, there is increasing evidence that bioaccumulation of glyphosate is a VERY real health hazard.

The most recent evidence for the bioaccumulative effect of glyphosate that I'm aware of involves a study of American women's breast milk. The pilot study was conducted by Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse. The study proves without doubt that Monsanto's assertions are wrong. For in fact, the study found that mothers had glyphosate that had accumulated in their bodies to such an extent that they were passing the toxin onto their babies via their breast milk. The really alarming point for me is that even those women who have been actively avoiding glyphosate by eating organically still have evidence of bioaccumulation. As a result, they too are passing on this terrible health hazard to their infants.

Two doctors by the names of Dr. Anthony Samsel and Dr. Stephanie Sneff have studied and written about the link between Roundup and celiac disease and gluten intolerance. You can read more about their article and work on the Sustainable Pulse website mentioned above.

So, what can you do?  You can write to the FDA, USDA and the EPA and demand that this toxin be banned because of the evidence we now have of its accumulation in human beings to the destruction of their health. It's time for Americans to put pressure to bear on government agencies, whose mandate is to protect health.  We must let them know that we insist on getting rid of this environmental health hazard.

Find or make some time to write a letter or send an e-mail. Personal letters sent via snail-mail count a whole lot more!  I'm including the contact information (snail-mail) to make this as easy as possible for you.

FDA: 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20993
USDA: US Dept. of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue, Washington, DC, 20250
EPA: US Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC,

2014 Highlights the Dangers of Roundup's Ingredient Glyphosate

The product we know by the name of Roundup, produced by Monsanto is an agricultural herbicide designed to deliver powerful and consistent weed control.  The active ingredient in this herbicide is glyphosate.  Glyphosate was approved for use in the US in 1974 and has been widely used ever since.

Scientists have looked carefully at glyphosate and its results. Many have come to the conclusion that glyphosate-based herbicides destroy soil, plant, animal and human health. Many farmers have come to the same conclusion.

Let's talk first about glyphosate's impact upon the soil where food is grown.  Researchers have found that glyphosate decimates the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Those organisms are essential for proper plant function and high quality nutrition.  Without them, food is less nutrient dense.  In other words, glyphosate sprayed food and crops are less nutritious.  This has a direct impact upon our health.

In 2011, 250 million pounds of glyphosate were used in the US. The EPA recently doubled the amount of glyphosate allowed in our food. Be especially aware of conventionally produced soybean oil, flax seeds and peanuts. I strongly recommend only certified organic/organic for these food products, as a protection of you family's/your health.

Through scientific research, it has been established that glyphosate affects human health by causing disruption of your gut's microbial functions and life cycles. In addition, glyphosate has been found to preferentially affect the beneficial bacteria in your gut, while promoting the growth of pathogens in your intestines.  Your gut's flora is critical to the proper functioning of your immune system.  Let me repeat that. Your gut's flora is critical to the proper functioning of your immune system. When your immune system is disrupted, you can develop all kinds of health problems.

I'll speak more about the epidemiological patterns of diseases that closely correspond to our use of glyphosate in the next post.

Considering all this information is pretty disheartening.  What can you do to safeguard your family's/your health?  I've mentioned some suggestions in earlier posts and I'll repeat them here.
Eat organic as much as you possibly can.  Of course, it will be more expensive, but when you consider that you are saving yourself doctor and medicine expenses that will occur later, it's actually a kind of preventative spending.  Consider growing some food yourself in your own back yard. It's relaxing and rewarding at the same time.  Start with something easy like some greens and a couple of tomato plants. Third, start shopping regularly at your local farmer's market.  You'll get a chance to make friends with fruit and vegetable farmers and slowly build a relationship where you can ask questions and learn. Knowing the producers of your food has many positive aspects to it.  Finally, inform yourself as much as possible. Here's one example. Did you know that California is considering its own food labeling law for the state? Yes!  Food activists are still working on getting GE/GMO foods labeled. Please consider assisting in this effort by endorsing the CA State Food Labeling Bill, SB 1381.  You can sign on to do that at this site:

If you'd like to read and keep informed about the health hazards of glyphosate use, I'd strongly recommend Dr. Mercola's articles. He does a lot of research and speaks very clearly on this issue. Check out his website at:

Remember to be vigilant about reading the labels as you food shop, because things are changing all the time.  Good health to you!